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Volume 6(1) 2013:

Clinical Reviews

Otorhinolaryngological Manifestations of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in Bangalore City Population Devasamudra C & Silvia WD. Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center, Karnataka, India (Manuscript) Apr. 6, 2013. Download Article PDF

Cartilage Tympanoplasty for Management of TM Perforation: A Comparison with the Temporalis Fascia Graft Technique  Vaidya S, Sharma JK, Sharma H.   Dept. Of E.N.T. & Head-Neck Surgery, R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain, India (Manuscript) May 17, 2013.  Download Article PDF

 Case Reports  

A Rare Glottic Foreign Body with Unusual Presentation Kothari S, Vijay A Department of ENT, SAIMS Medical College and PG Institute, Indore, India (Manuscript & Video) Mar. 15, 2013.  Download Article PDF

Multiple Laryngeal Papillomatosis in an Adult Masquerading as a Laryngeal Malignancy: A Case Report Bhandary SK, Bhat VS.  Dept. of ENT, K S Hegde Medical Academy, Mangolore, India (Manuscript & Video)  Feb. 14, 2013.   Download Article PDF

Subcutaneous Emphysema Complicating Tonsillectomy Sachdeva K.  NSCB Medical College Jabalpur, MP, India (Manuscript)  May 17, 2013.   Download Article PDF