A 28 year old female presented with a complaint of bilateral nasal obstruction. The diagnostic nasal examination showed a nodular mass, from which a biopsy was taken and sent for histological examination.

Figure 1: Intranasal Appearance of Lesion Click on Pictures to Enlarge

Figure 2: Intranasal Appearance of Lesion Click on Pictures to Enlarge

The histopathology revealed large, vacuolated histiocytes called Mikulicz cell and Russell bodies that are large, homogenous, eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusions inside plasma cells and, hence, the lesion was labeled as Rhinoscleroma (see Figure 3). The debulking of the mass with bilateral insertion of a nasal tube to maintain the patency was done (see Figure 4).

Figure 3: Histological Appearance Click on Pictures to Enlarge

Figure 4: Post Operative Appearance of the Patient With Nasal Tubes Click on Pictures to Enlarge

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