Authors:   Noorain Alam1, Vikas Sinha2, Shiv Shankar Kumar3, Ashish Katarkar4, and Anil Jain4
1. Principal, Department of Audiology and Speech Therapy ;  2. Dean, Prof ENT;   3. Lecturer, Department of Audiology and Speech Therapy;  4. Prof. Department of ENT

Institution:  C.U.Shah Medical College &Hospital, Surendranagar, Gujarat , India 

One Otolaryngologist submitted: Jaggery is a less refined extract of sugarcane produced in cottage industries in the Indo-pak subcontinent. As jaggery is less refined, it also contains some physical as well as chemical impurities in it which have been added during its production. Logically there is a difference in the osmolarity of jaggery and sugar, hence jaggery also has a drying or parching effect on the oral mucosa. Thus, it was concluded that this picture is a case of submucosal haematoma due to jaggery consumption.

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