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Volume 1 2008:

Clinical Otolaryngology Pearls

Auricular Reconstruction in a Patient with Microtia  Milan Stankovic, Serbia  May 23, 2008  - Video 5.1 mins  (512 Kbps Flash)     Download Article PDF

Clinical Evaluation of Types of Nystagmus - Manuel Oliva Domínguez, Hospital Universitario de Puerto Real,  Spain    May 24, 2008  -  Flash Presentation    Download Article PDF

Treatment of Chronic Otitis Externa and Otomycosis Kevin Kavanagh,  University of Kentucky, Somerset, KY  USA  May 27, 2008 - Text and Pictures   Download Article PDF

Difficult Stapedectomy - Narrow Oval Window Nitch Jayant K. Watve,  Kan-Nak-Ghasa Hospital, Kolhapur, India    July 15, 2008    Download Article PDF

Loose Incudostapedial Joint K. Watve,
Kan-Nak-Ghasa Hospital, Kolhapur, India    Aug 20, 2008    Download Article PDF

Microdirect Laryngoscopy with Removal of Vocal Cord Polyps - Jayant K. Watve,  Kan-Nak-Ghasa Hospital, Kolhapur, India    July 15, 2008   Download Article PDF

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