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Volume 3(1) 2010:

Comparative Studies and Clinical Outcomes

Role of Collagen Membrane For Reconstruction of Buccal Defects Following Fibrotic Band Excision and Coronoidectomy in Oral Submucous Fibrosis Paramhans D, Mathur RK, Newaskar V, Shukla S, Sudrania MK.   Department of Surgery, M.G.M Medical College & M.Y.H Group of Hospitals, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India(Manuscript)  Jan. 26, 2010.  Download Article PDF

Reconstruction for Oral Neoplasms in Indian Setup: Redebating the Utility of Radial Artery Free Flaps Aiyer RG, Gupta R, Damania V, Shah M, Sharma A  Dept of Otorhinolaryngology and Dept of Reconstructive Surgery, Medical College and Shree Sayaji General Hospital, Baroda, India (Manuscript)  Apr. 25, 2010.  Download Article PDF

Nasolabial Cyst Excision Sinha V,  Chhaya VA, Modi N, Barot DS, Patel R, Patel P, Patil S, Parmar V, Pashanth CD.    Department of Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery, M P Shah Medical College, Saurashtra University, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India  (Manuscript & Video)  May 22, 2010   Download Article PDF

Use of a Remodeled Autologous Incus as an Ossicular Prosthesis. Gajjar Y, Ranjan Aiyer R.  Dept. of ENT, Govt. Medical College, Vadodara, India; Dept. of ENT, Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research (SMIMER), Surat, India (manuscript)  June 2, 2010.  Download Article PDF

Clinical Otolaryngology Pearls

Rhinoplasty - Tip Augmentation by Extended Columellar Strip Sinha V, Chhaya VA, Barot DA, Keyur Mehta K, Patel P, Patil S, Prashanth CD, Parmar V,  Maniyar H.   Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery,  M.P.Shah Medical College, Saurashtra University, Jamnagar, (Gujarat), India (Manuscript & Video)  Jan. 22, 2010.  Download Article PDF

Case Reports

Endoscopic Removal of Intranasal Leeches Bhandari JS.  Department of Shalakya Tantra, RGGPGAC, Paprola, Dist. Kangra, HP, India  (Manuscript & Video) Jan. 17, 2010.   Download Article PDF

Esophageal Glass Marble Foreign Body Shukla RK, Shukla A, Shivappa A, Jain R.  Department of E.N.T., N.S.C.B. Medical College, Jabalpur, India (Manuscript)  Mar. 13, 2010 Download Article PDF

Thyroid Abscess Associated with a Longstanding Multinodular Goiter   Paramhans D, Ankur B, Mathur RK.   Department of Surgery, M.G.M. Medical College, Indore, MP, India. (Manuscript)  Mar. 16, 2010.   Download Article PDF

Resident Education: 

Acoustic Neuromas Two Case Reports and Short Literature Review Vyas G, Vaidya S, Sharma A   RD Gardi Medical College, Ujjain, MP, India  (Manuscript)  Feb. 1, 2010    Download Article PDF

TRAUMATIC MANDIBULAR FRACTURES: PENDULUM SWINGING TOWARDS CLOSED REDUCTION Gupta R, Suryanarayan S, Sharma A, Pandya VK, Sathaye S   Dept. of E.N.T. & Head-Neck Surgery, Medical College & S.S.G. Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat, India  (Manuscript)   Jun. 16, 2010   Download Article PDF

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